Sheepskin, long haired

3495 kr

Sheepskin with unique coloring from our Gotland fur coat as applied to Toarp. The wool is cut in different lengths and the colors vary naturally from brightest gray to almost black leather. All the skins are unique and have their own charm. Why not put a soft warm skin next to the bed, spread it out in the stroller, in the shower or why not make it a little cozy and beautiful on the couch or on the patio. Our sheepskin fields are prepared in Tranås and you can enjoy them for many years.

Choose approximate color setting in the scroll bar, or we can help you match your skins as desired, please contact us at or phone 0046 321-702 50.

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Ca measurements 75×100 cm

The long-haired sheepskins are prepared in Tranås. Hang out and wean the skin or lay it for a while in dew-grass, then clean it yourself.

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Weight 2500 g

Light grey, Middle grey, Dark grey


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