The Toarp Estate, with its handling of 200 tonnes of wool annually, is Sweden’s largest wool buyer. We buy all kinds of wool in unlimited quantities and have an expanded organization to collect the wool. Twenty-one farms function as our wool stations. Those who want to sell their wool deliver to the nearest wool station, from which further transportation is made to Toarp Estate for sorting and packing.

The Toarp plaids are woven in timeless patterns and color combinations, preferably with historical background. An example is the Gåsöga pattern, known since the Viking era. The Gåsöga pattern is available in several color combinations, on the picture in gray / white. Because our Swedish sheep are present throughout the gray scale from black to light gray, and in brown, we can create most combinations we wish without coloring the wool. The Toarp plaids are machine washable on the wool program, using a mild enzyme-free detergent.

Our plaids are marked with the Woolmark symbol, which is a quality stamp and proof that our wool is of the highest quality.

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