Our goal is to all those whose personal data are processed by Toarp Säteri AB, org. No. 559006-2112 (“Toarp”), should be able to ensure that personal integrity is respected and that sufficient efforts are made to protect the personal data provided to us. With this Privacy Policy, we want to describe how we ensure that our processing of personal data is based on applicable provisions of applicable privacy laws.


Toarp is the personally responsible person for the processing of your personal data, performed by or on behalf of Toarp, within the framework of our business. Current information on how to contact us is always available on our website (


We process both the information you provide to us and which we collect from you.

3.1 Personal information you provide to us

When contacting your organization, purchasing goods or services from us, contact us by phone, email or letter, downloading material from our website, participating in our events, or participating in surveys / surveys, we process the personal information that you leave to us. Personal data that you provide to us and which we process may, for example, be your name, position and / or department title, address, mobile and phone number and your e-mail address.

3.2 Personal Information we collect from you

When you visit our website and download material, we will collect personal information about you. This may be your IP address, which subpages you have visited on our website and if you have opened our email / message.

3.3 Personal information about you as we receive from others

We may receive e-mail and other correspondence containing third-party personal data and therefore treat such personal data. If required, we will inform you as a third party about the treatment.


4.1 Agreement between us and you or the organization you represent

If you represent an individual company or organization with which we have a business relationship, we will process the personal information that you provided to us or that we collected about you in and for this relationship. The legal basis for our processing of personal data for you who represent an individual company with which we have a business relationship is that it is necessary to fulfill our agreement with you or to take action before our agreement is concluded. The legal basis for our processing of personal data for you who represents an organization with which we have a business relationship is an interest weighing, ie. processing is necessary for an object of our legitimate interest in maintaining and fulfilling our commitments in the relationship. If you do not provide your personal information, we are unable to have a business relationship with your organization and to fulfill our commitments to the organization.

4.2 Marketing as well as follow-up and development of the service offering

We will process your name, position and / or departmental title, e-mail address and information about the organization that you represent to send offers to your organization about our goods and services, as well as for the follow-up and development of Vestia’s service offerings. The data may also provide basis for market and customer analyzes. The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is that it is necessary for our legitimate interest in being able to market products and services that we believe your organization may be interested in, as well as performing follow-up activities of delivered goods and services, as well as developing our service offering. Our interest in processing your personal information to send offers to you and conducting follow-up and development activities goes beyond your potential interest in protecting your personal integrity in the light of the potential benefits that these offers entail for your organization.

4.3 Accounting

We will process information about the transactions that occur between you and your individual company or organization and us for accounting purposes. We will therefore process your personal information such as your name and e-mail address. The legal basis for our processing of your personal data is that it is necessary for us to comply with our legal obligations under the Accounting Act.


We may disclose your personal information to group companies, partners and other service providers in order to fulfill our agreements with you and / or your organization. We may, therefore, disclose personal data to companies handling personal information for Toarp’s behalf for the purposes stated above, such as IT vendors and other service companies that handle e.g. billing, payroll and customer surveys. If that happens, Toarp is responsible for personal data and the suppliers that Toarp uses are personal information assistants. Personal Data Advisers are required to follow our instructions and are not entitled to disclose your personal information to anyone else or use them for purposes other than those covered by our instructions. Personal Data Advisers are also required to take certain technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data.

Finally, personal data may also be disclosed if it is necessary to comply with law, regulation or authority decision, and to safeguard Toarp’s legal interests or to detect, prevent or pay attention to security issues.

We and our partners and service providers, as a rule, treat your personal information only within the EU and the EEA. Should personal data be processed outside the EU and the EEA, we will take steps to ensure that personal data continue to be as protected and also take the necessary measures to legally transfer personal data to countries outside the EU and EEA.


We process personal data only as long as there is a need to preserve them to fulfill the purposes for which the data were submitted or collected. The same personal data can be stored in several different locations for different purposes. This may mean that a task removed from a system because it is no longer needed for that purpose can remain in another system for another purpose, where the personal information is still needed.

We process your personal information for the time that is necessary for us to fulfill your signed agreements with you or your organization.
We will process your personal information to send offers to you about us (marketing) as long as we have an agreement with your organization and one year thereafter, or the shorter time you are employed in the organization.

Personal data we process for accounting purposes are retained for seven years in accordance with current accounting legislation.
Your personal information may be saved for a longer period than stated above if required to comply with legal requirements such as liability or authority.


This policy may be adjusted from time to time and without prior notice to you. Current privacy policy is always published on our website (


When we process your personal information, you have certain rights by law. Please note that the exercise of these rights is subject to certain requirements and conditions as specified in the Act (EU Data Protection Regulation).

8.1 Your right to information and access to your personal data

You are entitled to request, in writing, for information about the personal information we are processing about you.
You also have the right to ask us to delete or restrict the personal information we have about you and to provide you with a copy of these personal data. Your request will be sent to us at our contact details listed below, see item 5.

If you do not have your request or your request is unreasonable, such as If you request extraction or deletion frequently and at short intervals, we may either refuse to meet your request or charge a fee covering the administrative costs that your request entails.

8.2 Your right to rectification and deletion of your personal data

If your personal information is incorrect or incomplete, you are entitled to request that we correct or supplement such personal information.
You are entitled to request the deletion of your personal data under certain circumstances (which is stated in the EU Data Protection Ordinance). Assuming your request falls within any of these circumstances, we will delete your information.

8.3 Your right to object to direct marketing

You may object to your personal information at any time for direct marketing or profiling for such purposes. If you do not want us to process your personal information for this purpose, please inform us by contacting us at our contact details listed below, see item 9. We will then stop processing your personal information for this purpose.

8.4 Your right to demand a restriction

Under certain conditions specified in the EU Data Protection Ordinance, you are entitled to require that the treatment be restricted. If you have this right, such personal data, except for storage, will be processed solely with your consent, or to determine, enforce or defend legal claims or to protect any other natural or legal person’s rights or for reasons that are important public interest.

8.5 Your right to data portability

You are entitled to obtain the personal data about you and that you have provided us in a structured, widely used and machine-readable format and are entitled to transfer this information to another personally responsible person as technically possible.

8.6 Your right to file a complaint

If you are dissatisfied with how we processed your personal information, please contact us, see our contact information in section 9. You also have the right to file a complaint on our personal data processing to:

Datainspektionen / Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten (Authority changes name to Integritetsskyddsmyndigheten in 2018)
Box 8114
104 20 Stockholm


You can contact us as follows:
– by e-mail:
– by phone: +46 (0) 321 70250 or
– by letter: Toarp Säteri AB, Toarp Säteri, 523 60 GÄLLSTAD